HÉVÉA reinvents enfleurage

Enfleur® of fresh Damask roses
The HÉVÉA laboratory has developed a new enfleurage process that is uses to produce an authentic, ethical and ecological oil of Moroccan damask rose, marketed under the brand name Enfleur®.
The HÉVÉA laboratory, based in Alicante, Spain, produces and distributes natural aromatic products (essential oils, absolutes, resins) and ingredients for cosmetics (clays, botanical oils). It also produces aromatic massage oils for spas under the HÉVÉA brand. In the heart of the “valley of roses” at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, near the Dadès Gorges, HÉVÉA produces its enfleurage of Rosa damascena. Damask rose is supplemental crop for Morrocan farmers, who plant it in hedges to deliniate their orchard plots in this rugged countryside far from any sources of pollution. The laboratory works and maintains close relations with the local population according to the principles of fair trade. The roses sell for a set price, enabling local families to earn additional income and carry on a viable commercial activity in this remote valley.
A new enfleurage process
HÉVÉA has reinvented and modernized this age-old extraction method using freshly harvested flowers. This entirely manual and environmentally-freindly (cold, mechanical, no chemical solvents) technique is 100 % natural, preserving the rose petals’ original olfactory notes and active agents. The roses are macerated in vegetable oil in double-bottomed stainless steel vat with a valve in the lower part, then percolated to separate the oil from the spent petals. This cycle is repeated each day for two weeks to produce rose oil.
A highly-prized cosmetic ingredient
The result of more than 300 aromatic molecules, the subtle, inimitable odor of rose gives this extract an enchanting scent of fresh roses. Essential oil of rose is recognized for exerting a dual physiological action:
• It is particulary well-suited for dry, very dry and deliacte skin, offering revitalizing, toning and healing benefits. HÉVÉA's extract is especially useful in formulas for sensitive or scarred skin that suffers from couperose, redness, etc.
• Its excellent cutaneous tolerance makes it possible to give a skincare product a delicate scent without adding a fragrance composition. Beyond these cutaneous effects, the aromatic molecules derived from rose exert a powerful psychosensory action.
• Olfactory agents affect the emotions by acting on the cerebral cortex. They are capable of stimulating emotional responses, in particular inducing a sensation of well-being. Rose has the capacity to calm emotional distress and stimulate sexual desire.
A top-end, limited series extract
HÉVÉA's enfleurage of rose is produced in a limited series each year in May, during the short rose season, resulting in an original and exclusive product. The Enfleur® rose extracts are titrated in phenylethylalcohol, the olfactory marker of fresh rose, using gas phase chromatography. HÉVÉA guarantees its extracts to be exclusive, fresh oils titrated in the olfactory marker and better tolerated by the skin than the essential oil. HÉVÉA can also produce custom oil extracts upon request, using this technique to capture the essence of delicate, short-lived blossoms.